Dr. Roland Orre, CEO and technical architect

Roland has a wide experience ranging from software development in large industrial projects to specialized research within Artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition and data mining, and teaching within as varying subjects as electronics, software development, numerical analysis and artificial neural networks. He got his Master of Science in Engineering physics in 1981 and his PhD in technology and computer science, data mining and pattern recognition 2003. Roland's research is an essential fundament in drug safety signalling system for WHO (World Health Organization). He has patented a method for analyzing power distribution system failures with expert systems when working at ABB Ltd. He is a known specialist in data mining and pattern recognition using Bayesian methods and has contributed to 30 publications.

Christine Segard, CFO and business development

Christine got her Master in Management in 1978 at EDHEC Business School in Lille, France at the age of 20 and graduated in Law in 1985. She is involved in company management since birth as a family tradition and started a company at the age of 25 then pushing it up to an international level. Her personal definition of an active life means keeping working when getting and educating 4 children, to be back to work few days after maternity and always picking up the kids at school by herself. At the same time, getting the best of life in her garden and relaxing with do-it-yourself and organizing parties with friends. She is now free lance consultant in Stockholm, Sweden and works with Scandinavian accounting and international VAT for large international corporates. She manages clients' issues regarding salaries, taxes, accounting, currencies and cash in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. She drives www.scanvatrefund.com for VAT consultancy.

Sebastian Orre, Board support

Sebastian has a live experience in working in close contact with consumers in retail trade. He is currently achieving his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden). He is an accomplished sportsman and enjoys practicing karate, snowboarding and golf.